Year Of The Launch!

Ok so I'm really excited knowing that we will soon be launching the anticipated opening of RockingStones online Store, Excited and nervous! It has taken a lot longer than I expected but we got to get this right!

I have learnt so much creating this. I can't put it all down in one post! Our main focus at the moment is getting all the raw hand carved crystal rings up for availability which will be available in 3 weeks time. We are also currently designing new necklaces. They are coming along nicely! We really are trying to do something quite original here. I do not want to give too much away but what I can say is that the first collection that will be available will be the awesome hand carved rings. They are all one of a kind, so if you feel any of the crystal rings calling out for you then grab them. Once they have gone, they have gone forever!

Peace, Love and light to ALL!


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