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Chunky 10mm Serpantine and XXL Tigers Eye including 2 Sterling Silver bead caps and a branded tag. 
Serpentine, is a beneficial and versatile stone. known for its kundalini awakening. It is said by mystics to help with emotional cleansing, psychic powers, attract love and money. It is an excellent stone for meditation. Creates enlightenment and helps aid blockages.
The all Seeing, All knowing eye.
Roman soldiers wore tigers eye for protection. It is thought to bring clarity for the now. It also is known to bring prosperity often in the form of money. It is a stone of grounding, calm and courage. Tigers eye is the most ancient talisman. Thought to grant a wearer the ability to observe everything! Use as a support stone for determination and to overcome fear during public performances, competitions, and exams.
Comes in branded pouch 
Caring for your crystals

Please be advised that hairline fissures/cracks and shadows are natural formations of the crystals. They are all part of the beauty of Crystals. These are not flaws.

Care must be taken when wearing raw crystal jewelry. Avoid knocking on surfaces and dropping. Keep away from body lotion and perfume. We advise keeping your RockingStones Jewelry in their packaging when not being worn.
Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and should not be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. Always seek the advice of your doctor or qualified health care provider with any questions that you might have about a medical condition.