About us


Our style
 Bohemian Rock Chic
Born in 2016, RockingStones was an idea that had been in my mind for years. I always had an interest in crystals and stones as a child. I used to find pebbles and shells from the beach believing they had magical powers. My first ever crystal was a Rose Quartz that I cherished and I suppose that is where is all stemmed from. Now I bare a fascination with the world of crystals and either creating or sourcing them into beautiful pieces of quality Statement jewellery.
My mission is to create an array of healing crystal jewellery collections wearable but still keeping the crystals themselves in their natural state. 
Our Crystals are manually extracted from Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais in Brazil. They then go through a filtering process and only after careful selection are they then crafted into gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

RockingStones bringing the earths natural treasures.


We are proud to show to you our magical collections that the earth has provided us. We have made these semi precious gemstones into the most dazzling pieces of jewelry.


Enabling the earths natural treasures to be worn proudly and connecting with the energies that the crystals gives us.
We believe we can absorb the benefits of crystals so what better way to wear them and show them to the world!